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Covid-19 has changed the world we live in. Between the added stress, lock downs and forced closures, it’s no wonder people have dubbed their current weight gain, “the Covid 15.” For many, it’s been hard to stay motivated and on track with fitness goals. Right now more than ever, people need someone to hold them accountable and keep them moving forward toward new levels of success. As the summer officially comes to an end and we enter Fall, this is the perfect time to take back control of your life. Covid may be here to stay, but this temporary version of yourself doesn’t need to be. If you are ready to ask for help and make the change, Beachbody coach Garin Demirjian is here to help you ‘level up’ your fitness and wellness journey.

Who is Garin Demirjian? She is a fitness coach whose passion is to motivate and supply you with the tools needed to reach your fitness goals. Signing up for Garin’s Starter Kit will get you a 1 year access to Beachbody on Demand (basically like Netflix for workouts), which includes EVERY Beachbody workout program EVER made! You will have an inventory of over 1000 workouts ranging from Yoga, cardio, HIIT, kickboxing, weightlifting, circuit training, dance fitness to Pre and Post Natal Barre (for the expected and new moms), as well as a CrossFit inspired program. This online catalog allows you the flexibility to workout whenever and wherever fits your schedule. For a fitness junkie like me, this collection of videos has been a big help adding variety to my workouts, therefore elevating me to the next level on my fitness journey.

The kit also lets you enjoy hundreds of recipes from Beachbody’s very own cooking show. You will receive smoothie ideas and a monthly supply of their all natural superfood smoothie, which is not only delicious, but rich in nutrients, probiotics and antioxidants. Follow along with a nutrition blog, as you choose a meal plan as well as using your new portion containers for your meal prep. Let Garin help you find the weight loss plan that best fits you. As your body starts to change, you can record your progress in your tracking journal. The best part is that new members automatically join Garin’s ‘fit community’ of people pushing and inspiring each other.  “It’s a peer support group encouraging one another to never give up! Together we share our goals, our hurdles, our success! ”

Garin is not just a coach, but she is also a mentor to those seeking to pursue their love of health and wellness. If you are looking for a change in your career or want to supplement your income, join the Beachbody coaching team. Garin will teach you how to help others, while also earning another stream of revenue. 

Whether you’re seeking to level up your current fitness routine, start one, fuel your passion for wellness and become a Beachbody coach, or simply want to follow her Instagram journey (@garin.dem), Garin Demirjian is here to motivate, inspire and change your life.  

$160; contact Garin and/or join her Beachbody community here.




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