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Exhale is celebrating National Yoga Month with its third annual namasDAY event on this Thursday. The celebration will be held at 13 exhale locations nationwide and feature an evening Yoga Bash with complimentary yoga classes, DJs, trunk shows, promotions and mini spa therapies.

Select complimentary yoga classes will let you experience exhale’s full suite of yoga offerings. Find the perfect class to lift the mind and lengthen the body with exhale’s mindful and musical yoga classes:

exhale Flow: Fusing traditional vinyasa methodology with contemporary dynamic flow, this uplifting yoga practice integrates breath and movement, inner and outer alignment, strength and flexibility accompanied by steady rhythmic tunes. Open classes appeal to students of all levels, while the advanced class allows experienced students to enhance their practice with challenging poses.

exhale Power: Get ready to sweat in this athletically and mentally challenging yoga class that is both uplifting and flowing. Each class is set to a unique music mix blending rock, reggae, hip hop, blues, and world dance beats, and offers an inspiring message and a deeply relaxing finish. This fast-paced vinyasa flow class will tone your limbs and tighten your core.

exhale Chill: Exhale Chill involves sequenced restorative and yin yoga postures designed to balance, calm and repair. Supported by props including bolsters and blankets, these long hold poses allow your entire body to stretch gently, enhanced by meditation and deep breathing. Exhale Chill is the perfect complement to Core Fusion and more rigorous yoga classes.

To book your complimentary namasDAY yoga class here.




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