The Doves Studio

I recently attended a fabulous blogger event at the Doves Studio (2000 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310.399.7654) and I  was blown away (literally)! As soon as I walked in, I was swept away to have my disheveled self made fabulous. Everyone was so friendly and great at what they do. Guests munched on gourmet treats, sipped wine, and lemon drop martinis while I had my makeup done. They really make the client a priority here.  Although the DJ was pumping out the tunes, it was still a relaxing environment, where I let the masters make me beautiful. After my makeup session, I had my hair blown out and had feather extensions put in my hair. I came in looking like a bum and leaving like a movie star. I highly recommend hitting up Doves Studio for your monthly maintenance or to prep for a big night out.




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