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Pureology has just launched a fully renovated lineup with a new look and formula improvements. With the Pureology promise of “color care without compromise,” you can align

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Monday: Echo & Rig Opens in Sacramento Chef Sam Marvin opens his Echo & Rig Steakhouse at Downtown Commons (DOCO), which is his second location for the

Carson Life

Carson Life is a new, top-quality, budget friendly beauty and nutrition product line. When creator, Sonia Guzman, strolled the beauty aisle of her local pharmacy, she didn’t


The 2017 Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever For our 18th Annual Dia de los Muertos, we tip our feather and flower adorned hat


BOMANE Salon, meaning “beautiful hair”, is a large salon with a simple and gorgeous decor including touches of tongue-in-cheek pop art. Founded by Sonny Henty and Andrea


Sketching with Color Join artist Virginia Hein for a series that focuses on exploring color to sketch the summer landscapes of Descanso. Bring a spirit

RA_ Bar Beauty

RA_ Bar Beauty (pronounced rah, referring to the ancient god of the sun) strives to embody the same light, energy, and warmth as the ancient