Shappy Pretzel Co. – Philly Born, LA Bread

“Actor, Father, and Pretzelpreneur,” Adam ‘Shappy’ Shapiro has been obsessed with Philly soft pretzels since his days of growing up in Abington, a suburb of Philadelphia. As a resident of LA, every year he looks forward to visiting his hometown and eating his beloved soft pretzels. So when the pandemic hit, and the star of Netflix’s popular Never Have I Ever wasn’t able to make it to Philly for the Summer, he couldn’t imagine not being able to sink his teeth into those delicious soft pretzels. It was in that moment when Shappy set out on a mission to bring Philly to him. Determined to create his cherished Philly soft pretzel, he went into his kitchen and started baking. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to Shappy Pretzel Co.

Now, as a fellow Philadelphian who loves Philly soft pretzels with every fiber of my being, I can attest that this is no easy task. These aren’t your buttery, sugary pretzels found in the mall. The Philly soft pretzel is a breed all in itself, known for its shape, chewy texture and delicious taste. It took Shappy a long time to master the ‘Philly Secret Recipe, ‘ but nothing would stop him from bringing these hidden gems to LA LA Land. Practice makes perfect and not only has he perfected the Philly soft pretzel recipe, but he found a way to add his own special LA flair. The Shappy Pretzel Co. menu features: the Classic 3 Philly Pretzel option (three traditional pretzels, $10), the Lil’ Albees (pretzel bites, both savory and sweet, $6), and the famous OreYo, (the Oreo stuffed pretzel, $12). And for those of you who like me, add mustard to your pretzel, get ready because Shappy Mustard is on its way!

Now that I’m sure your scouring the internet looking for a Shappy Pretzel store, you won’t find one. They’re available at daily pop-ups with locations all over LA, including: Los Feliz, Marina Del Rey, Silver Lake, Studio City and the Pacific Palisades. Shappy just loves what he’s doing and wants to give back to his fellow Philadelphians on the same journey as him, as well as introduce Los Angeles to the wondrous treat that is the Philly soft pretzel. His goal is to have Shappy’s pretzels everywhere from movie theaters to bowling alleys and for Angelinos to “Think about Shappy Pretzels when they think of the Dodgers.” The word is starting to spread, and everyone from Ryan Seacrest, Will Smith, Kristen Bell, Adam Levine, Tyra Banks and more have raved about the Shappy Pretzel Co. In fact, the pretzelpreneur is gaining quite the reputation as a go-to caterer for Hollywood movies and TV shows.

I can’t get enough of Shappy Pretzel Co. The pretzels are so good and perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking for the perfect treat to bring to a party, or staying in to stream one of your shows. Trust me, adding Shappy Pretzel Co. Philly soft pretzels in the mix, literally takes the expression, #Netflixandchill to a whole new level. Thank you Shappy for giving us this yummy goodness and bringing this fellow Philadelphian a taste of home.




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