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Heated Room, West Hollywood’s Infrared Heated Fitness Studio

West Hollywood is the home to the hottest room dedicated to helping you look and feel good. No I’m not talking about a new office for injections or Botox. I’m referring to Heated Room, the new infrared heated fitness studio that is literally helping their clients age backwards. I know what you’re thinking. How is this new fitness studio anti-aging? Well, Heated Room combines traditional Pilates Principles and infrared heat up to 100° F to improve balance, control, stability, and flexibility, all while toning your body and detoxifying your skin. Unlike just cranking up the thermostat, infrared heat specifically targets the body and penetrates the skin, heating your core from the inside out. Infrared heat has been linked to numerous health benefits and has been proven to:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Destroy toxins
  • Loosen muscles to improve flexibility and reduce your risk of injury
  • Aid in weight loss by burning fat faster and boosting the metabolism
  • Produce collagen, giving your skin a more radiant, youthful glow
  • Reduce tension and stress
An image of one of the studios at the Heated Room.
West Hollywood is the home to the Heated Room, the new infrared heated fitness studio dedicated to helping you look and feel good.

Modeled after classic Pilates Fundamentals, with a focus on core, strength and alignment, Heated Room also incorporates yoga sculpt and HIIT classes. Heated Core Sculpt uses targeted core movements to transform and sculpt your body. Heated Full Body Burn is a high-intensity mat Pilates class designed to tone and define your muscles. Improve strength, flexibility and balance as you flow through a Vinyasa in the Heated Flow class. If you’re a fan of the reformer, Heated Room offers private and semi-private classes in their Private Reformer Room (not heated).

Each class is designed to challenge your mind and body and best believe, you will work hard and sweat it out. After each class, you are overcome with a rush of endorphins and can literally feel the blood circulating all throughout your body. Remember what I said about infrared heat being anti-aging and helping skin cells? Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and skin. Increasing your blood flow increases these nutrients and helps eliminate waste from working cells. The end result is a feeling of accomplishment and euphoria, in addition to glowing, radiant skin.

An image of several people doing a yoga pose during a class at the Heated Room.
Each class at the Heated Room is designed to challenge your mind and body.

Heated Room is not just for the experienced fitness enthusiast, but caters to all levels. Their mission is to offer everyone an elevated fitness experience with top of the line equipment, well educated instructors, and fun yet challenging classes, all choreographed to the sounds of the latest music. I loved my class and can’t wait to get back in the room for another heated session. Memberships start at $260/month, with Single classes for $40 and the Semi-Private/Private Reformer Room for $65 – $120. Please refer to the schedule for class days and times. 8231 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048; 323.394.6558

An image of a woman doing a yoga pose outside of Heated Room.
Ariel strikes a pose after completing her first class at the Heated Room.




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