YAKI Q Pop-Up Restaurant at The Everly Hollywood

I love a good pop-up restaurant, especially one with the perfect location, sexy ambiance and outstanding food. Yaki Q, the yakitori inspired pop-up at the The Everly Hollywood is all this, and much more!

From the moment you step off the elevator onto the 5th floor sundeck of The Everly, you are met with an intoxicating aroma. Executive Chef Jeffrey Williams has created a menu that will leave you both satisfied and yet still craving more. Step 1, pick your skewers. Choose from Skirt Steak, Pork Belly, Chicken Thigh, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Sweet Shrimp, Octopus Confit and more! Next, pick from the three homemade glazes: Sweet Miso Soy, Thai Chili and Hoisin. Practicing Keto or Paleo? No problem. As an added bonus, the skewers are keto and paleo friendly! That’s right, opt for no sauce and you will not stray from your low carb meal plan. Maybe skewers or low carb aren’t your thing. Yaki Q has something for everyone. The Wagyu Sando filled with wagyu beef and served on a tasty roll is a guest favorite.

While you wait, sip on a one of Yaki Q’s craft cocktails, including the popular whisky drink – Tokyo Sidecar, and the Yuzu Fizz, a gin drink made with sparkling wine and lemon.

Dinner is served and you sink your teeth into the skewers. All I can say is wow. Each bite is jam packed with flavor creating an explosion of taste in your mouth. My personal favorite has to be the Octopus Confit with the Thai Chili. It was absolutely delicious. To complement your entrée, I suggest ordering one of the fresh salads. The Himachi melted on my tongue and the champagne yuzu vinaigrette from the Poached Pear Salad danced around in my mouth. As you dine al fresco from your socially distant table, take a moment to relax and enjoy the Hollywood night sky. This truly is paradise.

Whatever the occasion: date night, birthday celebration, or dinner with friends, the Yaki Q pop-up is the perfect oasis for a sweet and savory dining experience. Through December 20th. $12+; Thursday – Sunday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm; The Everly Hollywood, 1800 Argyle Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028; 213.279.3534




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