Imperia Caviar, a Luxury Everyone Can Enjoy

Caviar has long been considered an exclusive luxury amongst the rich. Known as an indulgence for the upper class, caviar is associated with status and wealth. But shouldn’t everyone be able to reap the benefits of this Omega 3 and B12 packed delicacy? Entrepreneur Sony Mordechai asked himself the same question and used this as the driving force behind his company Imperia Caviar. Mordechai’s goal is to make the “finest caviar from around the world accessible and available to everyone.”

Offering only sustainable caviar sourced from eco-friendly farms, Imperia Caviar stands out from the competition in that it’s mouth watering product has been made affordable to everyone. Now you too can walk in the footsteps of the elite by joining the Caviar Club – a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription to gain access to the Imperia Caviar collection. Members have the opportunity to savor the two Imperia Caviar varieties: Kaluga Hybrid and Royal Ossetra. Not sure which type of caviar to start with? Imperia suggests ordering the Caviar Sampler to help you decide. The sampler is the perfect dish to add to your upcoming holiday party menu.

I had the opportunity to sample Imperia at an intimate gathering in Hollywood. Paired with Dry Farm Wines all-natural and biodynamic wine, the caviar was flavorful and melted on my tongue. As I sipped my sparkling wine and basked in the exquisite cuisine, I could hear the words of Robin Leach on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Thanks to Imperia Caviar, now, I too can have “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

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