It’s Not Pizza – It’s Da Michele

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, the internationally renowned pizzeria from Naples, has made its home in the heart of Hollywood with its first US location.  Considered by many to be the best pizza in Naples, the iconic pizzeria has been flipping pies since 1870. The restaurant made its first splash stateside with its appearance in Eat Pray Love and is looking to top that with its new brunch- eat your heart out, Julia. 

If you’re concerned it’s not as good as the original, don’t be. Led by head Pizzaiolo Michele Rubini from Naples, they make their perfectly light and thin Neapolitan style pizza using their handmade signature stone oven and even import the same ingredients. The beautiful, open space towards the back patio was inspired by courtyards in Italy, and has a viewing window of the stone oven, allowing guests to admire the mastery in action while they’re waiting. 

Thanks to Da Michele’s new brunch menu, it’s now socially acceptable to eat pizza earlier in the day. Some of the new pizzas available are the Porchetta and Eggs and the Salsiccia & Eggs with Truffle, both of which are Bianca pizzas with sunny side eggs on top. Some other highlights are the Omelette & Ndujia, (spicy pork sausage, caramelized onions, the Insalata di Asparagi & Uova), (asparagus wrapped with prosciutto crudo and eggs), and the housemade Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (definitely add the black truffle). 

Less is more at Da Michele- their recipes transcend the small handful of ingredients used to make it to create complex and flavorful dishes that don’t feel heavy or weigh you down, which means you’ll have room for dessert like their incredible bombolones filled with custard or Nutella (think an Italian donut) or banana chocolate walnut bread. They also have handmade juices, coffees, pastries, and smaller dishes like quiche and Fig Tartine to nibble on while you people watch.




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