Aurorae Aqua Fitness Products


Aurorae, an active lifestyle brand that has yoga mats, fitness products and outdoor accessories that have recently launched a new division called Aurorae Aqua, which aims to enhance your life by improving your daily experiences with water. Whether for sport, fitness, leisure or relaxation, their super absorbent, lightweight towels were designed with you in mind. They have eight beautiful colors, and are larger than normal towels, so you don’t feel like you have to squish yourself into one little area.
I love to use my towel on the beach, but also during Bikram yoga. It’s extremely soft and comfortable while lying in the sun, but also super absorbent during my sweatiest workouts. Plus, after washing, they stay just as soft as they were in the beginning. With many uses, you really can’t go wrong with owning an Aurorae Aqua towel.

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