I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Orangetheory Fitness (1431 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA; 310.730.1399), I figured it would be no different from any other fitness class I’ve taken. I mean what could this class offer me that the tons of others that I’ve tried haven’t? I had no idea just how wrong I was.

Orangetheory Fitness focuses on the science behind exercise. Before the class begins, each person is given a heart rate monitor to track their progress. The heart rate monitor is linked to TV screens sporadically placed around the room. Looking at the screen you will find your name, your heart rate, and the corresponding heart rate zone you are in. The theory behind the class is to engage your heart rate and push yourself beyond the limits you THOUGHT you had. The theory is designed to work for the most athletic of people, to the average person who is working out for the first time.

Each class is different but they all involve the participants being divided into groups. They follow a rotation of treadmills, rowing machines and the weight room. The groups work simultaneously as the coach calls out the instructions. The coach’s job is to help you achieve the “Orange Effect” – to burn the most amount of calories while at the same time toning and increasing your energy levels. The coach gives you a personal training feel with a group environment.

Whatever your fitness goals are, Orangetheory Fitness will get you there! It is hands down one of the BEST workouts I have ever done in my life! I can’t wait for my next class….I also can’t wait to see how fit and toned my body will look on the beach this summer!

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