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Spirity Cocktails, the low-calorie, Mindful Mocktail

Has this ever happened to you…. You’re taking a break from drinking and doing a ‘Dry Month.’ It’s not that hard, right? Sure, as long as you’re staying in the house. But what happens when a birthday arises. Or a housewarming, dinner party, anniversary, basically any event that causes you to leave. There’s nothing worse than feeling ostracized at a party when you can’t drink, and you have to watch everyone else around you sip delicious libations. No thank you. But what if you could go out, mingle and ‘Be a part without being a part?’ Thanks to new kid on the block Spirity Cocktails, you CAN have your cake and eat it too with a mocktail that looks and tastes so good, it makes you forget you’re not drinking alcohol.

Eric Knight took his 20 years experience making wine and spirits to create Spirity Cocktails, the world’s first non-alcoholic cocktail crafted with Spirits Distilled from Tea. The secret is the Pu’er Tea which undergoes the same biological process that occurs in grape skins during the production of red wine. According to Knight, “Pu’er tea is the perfect medium for our spirits because it combines the processes of fermentation and aging to transform a simple plant into something with adult-like complexity…. The result is a “Unique bitter finish that lingers and intensifies after each sip, similar to the sensation created while sipping on an alcoholic cocktail.” Each drink is made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives and contains only 25-40 calories per can.

Is it that good? Well, yes. But don’t just trust us, Spirity Cocktails is the first non-alcoholic beverage awarded by the coveted San Francisco World Spirits Competition, an event filled with alcoholic competitors. Flavors range from the Mindful Apricot Sour (a bold new take on the classic 1970’s cocktail), Mindful Mule (all the taste of a Moscow Mule with the robust and spicy aroma of fresh ginger), Mindful Margarita (crisp lime, an aromatic hint of lemongrass, and the gentle sweetness of real cane sugar) and, Mindful Negroni (hints of cardamom, allspice, cloves, and matured herbal botanicals).

Spirity Cocktails are the perfect addition to your upcoming holiday party, and are ideal for the non drinker, designated driver, or anyone abstaining from alcohol. You can get these lively mocktails for $14.99 (pack of 4) on Amazon.




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