Sail Away From Your Reality On A Luxury Chartered Yacht

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re lounging in a hot tub sipping ice cold champagne surrounded by your closest friends. Your favorite music plays in the background as you lean back and look up at the clear blue sky. Now imagine you’re sipping that champagne in a hot tub aboard your very own chartered yacht. You and your friends have no cares in the world as you cruise along the coast of Croatia in the majestic Adriatic Sea. Sound fabulous? Are you ready to sail away from your reality? Goolets luxury yacht concierge service, is here for you. Fueled by the mantra that “Life is Good,” Goolets has one goal, charter you a luxury yacht for your one-of-a-kind idyllic dream vacation.

Nestled in the Balkan Peninsula lays Croatia, one of the world’s best hidden gems. Known for its stunning views of the Adriatic coastline, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking waterfalls, can you think of a better place to luxuriate on a yacht? Here you can sail along on a seaside adventure as you take in the sites and freely island-hop. Whether you’re seeking a lively nightlife filled with partying, nature hikes, romance, or family-friendly places, the 1200 Croatian islands have something for everyone.

As the world’s leading concierge service for chartering luxury yachts in Croatia, Goolets can provide you with a catalogue of more than 100 “award-winning” private and crewed yachts for you to choose from. Vessels can accommodate 2 to 40 passengers, suiting virtually any budget. Goolets provides you with your own personal “yacht specialist assistant” who is with you every step of the way. First tell your specialist about your dream vacation. How many guests will be with you? What kind of activities do you wish to do? What are your vacation must-haves? Goolets is all about customer service and it’s necessary for them to have a clear understanding of what you desire to make your every dream come true. Now that your yacht specialist has your wish list, let them do all the work so you don’t have to. After extensive research, your specialist will select which vessel best to match you with – either a gulet (two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessels) or yacht. Next you will receive assistance in planning your trip with a customized itinerary and detailed food and drink menu. The specialist will also make sure to debrief the crew on your preferences and cruise expectations. Goolets has taken care of all the planning and all you have to do is relax and get ready to sail away on your floating oasis.

What can you expect on your yachting trip? Prepare to dine on delicious catered meals, while you cruise around beautiful islands and beaches along Croatia’s Adriatic coastline. Perhaps you wish to unwind and sunbathe aboard your yacht… Maybe you’re adventurous and choose to jump off the boat… From paddle boarding, to swimming, each yacht comes complete with an array of activities catered to your preference. Can you smell the sea? Your dreams have come true and you are officially in paradise. Life is good, but in case you need anything, Goolets provides 24/7 online and telephone support throughout your vacation.

Sadly, that is the end of your yacht daydream and it’s now time for you to open your eyes. I’ll ask this question again, are you ready to sail away from your reality? Start planning now and go online to Goolets. Let them lend their unique personal touch to customizing your luxury yachting vacation. Croatian Charters start at €15,000(Euros). For more information, email the staff at or call them at +386 1 620 88 91.




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