Reconnect, Rekindle, & Renew at the Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

With the stresses of our everyday lives, we sometimes forget to take a moment to stop and breathe. Treating our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical bodies. We need to offer gratitude to ourselves for working hard everyday and fighting through the ups and downs that life throws at us. What better way to give back to ourselves than with a trip to a luxurious day spa.

The Larchmont Sanctuary Spa is an oasis of relaxation located in the Larchmont Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. This day spa invites you to “leave your cares at the door” and treat yourself to a day filled with total wellness. As you walk through the spa, you are instantly transported from Los Angeles to a temple of tranquility and comfort. The first stop allows you to strip the outside world off by changing into a plush robe and slippers – perfect for relaxing in the lounge while awaiting your appointment, or journaling after your service. Hot and cold beverages are at your fingertips along with healthy snacks and positive reading materials. Sit by the fire or lay on your lounge chair. Make of the relaxation lounge what you want.

Unlike other spas, here you have the choice of relaxing inside, or enjoying your treatment outside in a cabana. Whichever location you choose, I suggest soaking in the hydrotherapy tub to fully loosen up  your muscles first. Facial treatments of all sorts are also available. Try the 60 Minute True Transformation Facial – a treatment offering a deep cleaning, extraction and a custom mask to promote a healthy glow. Make sure to add an LED Light therapy booster, proven to enhance your skin from the inside out. Other treatments include waxing, body scrubs, body wraps, salt and hydrotherapies.

The Larchmont Sanctuary Spa has  “created an intimate, warm, and comfortable sanctuary” with their friendly, knowledgeable  staff, calming ambiance, and impeccable services. This sanctuary is sublime for the solo visitor, couples or groups. It is also the perfect safe haven for people battling cancer and for the loved ones supporting them. This spa offers oncology massage therapy performed by an oncology certified therapist. Couples dealing with cancer have the option of sharing a massage catered to both the patient and caretaker.

I smile as I reflect on my day of bliss at the Larchmont Sanctuary Spa. I entered the with the goal of reconnecting with myself and rekindling my love of self care. I left with a rejuvenated heart and renewed mind, body and soul.




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