Jalapeño Pete’s Brings the Heat

For weeks I have driven down Ventura Blvd in Studio City and seen people running into this new Tex-Mex Sports Bar – Jalapeño Pete’s. Their laughs and clanging of beer glasses can be heard above the bustle of the cars. What was this place and why did I have the urge to cancel my plans and pop in?

Finally, I had had enough. It was time to try this new hot spot. Before my feet have even made it across the threshold, I’m hearing claps and cheers. I look up to see a group in front of one of the many TVs, hi-fiving each other to celebrate their team scoring. The atmosphere is comfortable as you choose your own seat. I almost tripped over my feet running to the table as I spotted the table top Jenga AND 8 ½ x 11 size UNO deck at each section. Now I get it. The sounds I’d heard driving down the street weren’t just coming from fans excited over their team, but also from diners laughing
as someone knocks down the Jenga tower or slams down their HUMONGOUS UNO card. Its official – Jalapeño Pete’s is the perfect Sports Bar!

Let’s talk food. First up was the Ceviche, Chips and Guac and Asada Fries. Score! Each dish was made with love and packed with flavor. Hailed as one of the best taco spots in town, I had to see if they lived up to the hype. I sampled the Carnitas, Grilled Shrimp, and Pescado tacos. For vegetarians out there, you can eat tacos too! Try the butternut squash option. After finishing the dishes, I have to say, Jalapeño Pete’s may be one of my new favorite taco spots in town! Make sure to pop in for Taco Tuesday where the tacos are only $2 from open to close. I can’t have all this savory food and not satisfy my sweet tooth. Dessert was a MUST! My eyes were drawn to the Churro Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. You read that correct – vanilla ice cream, sandwiched in between two cinnamon and sugar flavored Belgian waffles with a banana maple foster dipping sauce on the side. All I can say is food coma.

At its core, Jalapeño Pete’s is a high-energy Sports Bar. TVs cover every wall displaying a variety of sports from football and basketball, to Ice hockey to MMA. Trivia night is held every Wednesday with great prizes. Two for One Drink specials are EVERYDAY from 9p-2a. As we get ready to enter March and the NCAA Tournament approaches, where will you be rooting for your favorite schools? I know where I’ll be, as Jalapeño Pete’s is the perfect spot to sit back, eat yummy food and scream your head off during March Madness.




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