The Warrior Wrap has arrived at Luna Grill

Luna Grill has successfully blown me away AGAIN! Every time I try something new at this healthy Mediterranean eatery, my taste buds dance in my mouth from the mélange of flavors. My latest visit included the Warrior Wrap. This wrap is made with gyro meat, seasoned fries, spicy yogurt sauce, feta, tomato and lettuce on a choice of multigrain lavash or pita. Each ingredient is seasoned to perfection, making the meal simply delicious.

And get this, I had my Warrior Wrap VEGETARIAN style! They can swap the gyro meat for falafel and remove the cheese and yogurt sauce for you vegans. This wrap is not only filled with flavor, but also packed full of protein.

May marks National Military Appreciation Month. Throughout the month, as a token of thanks to active and former military members, Luna Grill is donating, $1 from of every Warrior Wrap to one of two organizations: Hope for the Warriors and Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. Co-Founder and CEO Sean Pourteymour believes “Giving back to the community is a huge part of who we are as a Luna Grill family.”

What better way to remember our fallen Warriors this Memorial Day, then trying a Warrior Wrap at one of Luna Grill’s 43 locations. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.




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