My life recently has been filled with pilates, planks, pikes and recovering from my back surgery that I had in February. When I had the chance to work with Gaiam and ToeSox, I jumped at the chance. I use ToeSox and yoga mats on a daily basis and wanted to check out some new products that would enhance my performance (and add a little beauty to my normal dull mat/sox).

With it’s bright design and amazing grip, their yoga mat was great to use. It had cushion and cuteness all in one. The ToeSox were perfect for my pilates class. They kept my toes warm, while adding grip that you need when holding a bridge and doing foot work through out the class. In addition to the mat and socks, the Gaiam Metro Bag is perfect for holding everything I need for all my classes. It’s not to bulky and has enough pockets to hold your wallet, phone, towels and water without getting everything wet.

We all want to be at our best and Gaiam and ToeSox help achieve that. Now, onto the next plank…

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