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Monday, November 23:

Wally’s Beverly Hills Tasting
They are hosting a wine tasting with David Sinegal of Sinegal Estate. The tasting will include pouring of the 2013 Sinegal Cabernet Sauvignon 94-96 RP, 2013 Sinegal Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 95-97+ RP, and 2013 Sinegal Sauvignon Blanc. $20; Monday, 6-7:30 pm; 447 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA; RSVP: here

YG Studios Launches In Los Angeles
YG Studios, which offers simple pricing, accessible locations, and access to premier health and wellness professionals, announces its launch in Los Angeles this month. YG Studios is built on the foundation of that workout is an extraordinary instructor. Starting this fall 2015, you will be able to experience the back to basics approach of YG Studios, with the introduction of three locations in Los Angeles with group classes led by nationally and regionally recognized fitness trainers including Holly Jean Cosner, Joni David O’Connor, Lacey Stone, Marxel Leobez, Shay Kostabi and more. YG Studios has a thriving community and fitness culture rooted in the following principles: Offer instructors the opportunity to grow their personal brand and client following beyond a fixed location; Allow consumers to follow their preferred health “gurus” by offering unparalleled access to the best; a no-frills, yet uplifting consumer experience appropriate for all levels of fitness and goals; straightforward, transparent and affordable pricing; and offer a “nationally” consistent experience at all locations. To book a YG Studios class, visit ygstudios.com. Clients have the option to search based on the instructors, or their preferred “guru,” or based on the group class schedule itself.

Tom Bergin’s Public House’s Firestone Brewery Beer Dinner
Celebrate a “Friendsgiving” and enjoy a Firestone Brewery Beer Dinner featuring a Thanksgiving feast with all the fixings, along with two flights of three different beers. To finish the meal, enjoy a limited-time only Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Ale paired with owner Derek Schreck’s home made pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving specials: $22; Monday–Wednesay. Beer Dinner: $40; Tuesday, 7-9 pm;840 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036; 323.936.7151

Tuesday, November 24:

New Winter Cocktails at Magnolia House
Get cozy in this craftsman bungalow, that was built around a beautiful blooming Magnolia Tree! Bar Manager Brian Klemm has delivered crafty libations that range in flavor and balance from delicate spice-infused delights to rich bourbon, mulled wine and Cognac based sippers. Five new cocktails join their list including Roger That, crafted with gin, lemon, honey-apple shrub, carrot, and maple ginger syrup served over ice. The playfully named Nonino Worry About It is shaken up with Cognac, Panamanian rum, Amaro Nonino, apple & decanter bitters and cinnamon, topped off with tongue-tingling acid phosphate. The Oaxacan Blood Winter, is a smoky libation shaken up with mezcal, egg white, lemon, house mulled wine and L’Authentique Genepi with a seasonally-inspired floating garnish of star anise. There is also A Shot and A Shorty where you can get Strawberries & Cream, a shot of crimson red house-infused strawberry bourbon and a pint of Mother Earth Cali Creamin’ vanilla cream ale or the Marie Antoinette marries rose-marigold green Chartreuse with a marigold garnish and a fizzy flute of Prosecco. The American Dream is muddled and stirred with house-infused strawberry bourbon, lemon, sugar and mint, the Mendocino Sour with bourbon, Amontillado sherry, lemon, rooibos tea and lavender, and The Lumberjack’s Breakfast with straight apple brandy, scotch, egg white, lemon and maple cardamom syrup. 492 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101; 626.584.1121

Holiday Mushroom & Truffle Menu at Celestino Ristorante
The Holiday Mushroom & Truffle Menu is broken up into three categories: Morel Mushrooms, Porcini Mushrooms and Fresh Quercetti Truffles from Italy. Each dish highlights the differences in taste, texture and complexity of their respective “gifts from the earth.” The Morel Mushrooms, most commonly found in their dried form, are only available fresh for just a very brief period each year. The rich, meaty flavor and texture of these mushrooms are portrayed in dishes like Tagliolini with Fresh Morel Mushrooms & Pecorino Cheese;Veal Scaloppini with Fresh Fava Beans & Fresh Morel Mushrooms; and Risotto with Baby Scallops & Fresh Morel Mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms have a delicate taste and you can have them in the Porcini Mushroom Soup with Black Truffle; Risotto with Fresh Porcini Mushrooms; the Homemade Wide Pappardelle with Fresh Porcini Mushrooms; and The Roasted Rack of Veal with Porcini Mushrooms. Fresh Quercetti Truffles from Italy are known for their unique shape and can be found in the the Risotto with Shaved Fresh Quercetti Truffle; Gnocchi Stuffed with Mushroom in a Quercetti Truffle Cheese Sauce; the Tortellini with Meat in Zaferan Percorino & Black Pepper Sauce with Quercetti Truffle; the Filet of Sole with Mixed Vegetables & Shaved Quercetti Truffles; and the Veal Carpaccio with Shaved Quercetti Truffle & Pecorino Cheese. Through the end of December 2015; 141 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101; 626.795.4006

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