Spa Sophia


Spa Sophia (1027 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Ste B, Venice, CA 90291; 310.564.6676) is a boutique spa tucked away above Joe’s on Abbot Kinney. This beautiful, quaint spa offers a wave of calm as soon as you step inside its doors. Spa Sophia began its transformation two years ago by transforming a Pilates studio into a beachy, relaxing retreat with hard wood floors and high beamed ceilings. It truly is an oasis from the streets of Venice with its natural light and sea breeze.

At Spa Sophia, they not only target your problem areas, but they focus on addressing the total person. They offer massages, facials, waxing and Ayurvedic treatments, and provide holistic, personal care.

I went into Spa Sophia to have one of their Ayurveda treatments. I had never even heard of this and was intrigued. Ayurveda is more than 5,000 year old and a traditional system of medicine from India. Literally translated as “the science of life”, Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga. It uses a combo of all natural supplements, massages and balanced nutrition to establish balance and ultimate health within individuals.

I had the Abyhanga massage from Megan Darwin and haven’t been that relaxed in years. It’s a is a unique form of full body massage. Warm oil infused with medicinal herbs is applied to the entire body using very specific strokes to activate heat, stimulate lymphatic movement, oxygenate the blood and detoxify the system. It was warming, relaxing, and at times I felt more than two hands were working on me.

Overall, this little spa is a perfect place for you to get back to you. To relax, forget the world outside and experience a treatment that will make you feel better inside and out.

By Whitney

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