Carson Life

Carson Life is a new, top-quality, budget friendly beauty and nutrition product line. When creator, Sonia Guzman, strolled the beauty aisle of her local pharmacy, she didn’t see products made with her Hispanic background in mind. The loss of a family member to cancer added to her frustration with a limited marketplace. She knew that healthier products made from natural ingredients could have made a difference in her loved one’s life, and she was disappointed by the low quality of health products offered in her community.

As a Latina who’d built a successful career in several Fortune 500 companies, Sonia was confident that she could develop a line of products that she would proudly recommend to her family and friends. Today, Carson Life’s line of 52 innovative health, beauty and wellness products are offered in more than 1000 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, including Walmart and Walgreens.

Carson Life has been helping people live healthier, happier, more confident lives for four years now. Their full range of natural hair care, beauty, skin care, weight loss, rejuvenation and vitamin products will give you the energy and the confidence to live your fullest life.

Carson Life is geared to enhancing your natural beauty with luxurious formulas that hydrate, revitalize, and restore hair’s luster to give you confidence and proprietary skin care products like the Cellulite Treatment Kit, Collagen Face Cream, and Coconut Oil Capsules to keep you energized and youthful. With the New Year around the corner you can be your “best you” and reach your fitness goals with Carson Life’s full line of weight loss supplements and vitamins to strengthen the body and mind. From the inside out, Carson Life has you feeling and looking great!




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