Hofsas House – Casual elegance, personal service and traditional family hospitality

Once upon a time, a young professional named Ariel needed to get away from the stresses of her hectic work life. In addition to her full time job, Ariel had dreams of being a writer but was experiencing severe writer’s block. Desperate to reignite her artistic side and finally finish her piece, she booked a trip to the quaint town of Carmel By-the-Sea. Tucked away on the California coast approximately 5 hours outside of Los Angeles, Carmel By-the-Sea is known for its picturesque scenery and rich artists’ heritage. This coastal oasis would be the perfect place to unwind, become inspired, and reset. After researching accommodations, she found Hofsas House, a boutique inn with a focus on “Casual elegance, personal service and traditional family hospitality.”

Designed with a flair of casual European charm, Hofsas House “Works to ensure every visitor’s experience is special.” Hospitality is their mission and everyone on staff from the owner, to the front desk team, to house keeping greets you with a welcoming smile and genuine warmth that gives you a home away from home feel.

Ariel loved the whimsical feel of the inn and the intimate comfort of her room. After hearing the sunsets are a must-see, that night she opened her Dutch door and watched the most beautiful sunset, as she breathed the fresh ocean air. She grew hungry, and decided to treat herself to a lovely dinner at one of the many restaurants within walking distance. After a wonderful meal, she returned to her room and cozied up to a roaring fire. Feeling motivated, she opened her laptop and began to type. Hours passed and Ariel grew tired as she listened to the logs crackle in the fire. She put away her computer, pulled up the covers and went fast to sleep.

The next morning Ariel awoke early, and walked the short distance to beautiful Pebble Beach. There she did a morning yoga flow and meditation while listening to the the rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing on the white sandy beach. After working up quite and appetite, it was time to go back to Hofsas House for a continental breakfast complete with French Roast coffee, yogurt, fresh pastries and fruit. After fueling her body, it was time to clear her head in the inn’s dry sauna to draw inspiration before going back to her writing.

Feeling relaxed and completely zen, Ariel returned to her room. She cracked open a bottle of wine, opened the Dutch door and let the sunshine in as she wrote all day and night.

A little after midnight, it happened. Ariel pushed through her writer’s block and finished the project she had long been working on. Thanks to the magical sanctuary of Hofsas House and the fairy tale village of Carmel-By-the-Sea, Ariel did exactly what she set out to do – relaxed, reset, and kick started her creative juices. She returned home to LA a better version of herself and lived happily ever after. Hofsas House is awaiting your arrival and ready to make your dreams come true. Book here! San Carlos St, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93921; 831.624.2745




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