Go Wahl Out This Summer


Wahlburgers, the punny named burger joint co-owned by head chef Paul Wahlberg along with celebrity brothers Donnie and Mark, brings some East coast flavor to the Sunset Plaza in WeHo, a welcome site to any “Entourage” fan. They have a brand new summer menu, featuring the Super Summer Bacon Burger, topped with bacon, bacon aioli, and their popular onion strings, and the Portabello Mushroom Sandwich for the veggie inclined.

As for new additions to their drink menu, they have the tasty toasted coconut margarita and are now serving Kona Big Wave ale. They also have delicious frappes to chill out this summer. While you’re at it, try some of their classic staples such as Mark’s favorite (yes, that Mark), which is the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger, loaded with stuffing and cranberry sauce, of course. Another must-try is their Nutella dessert with peanut butter on bread, which would satisfy any sweet tooth. Don’t let the glamour fool you, Chef Wahlberg is the real deal and pays attention to the little things from making his sauces in-house to the kind of onions to use for their onion strings.

With over 25 locations around the country, Wahlburgers, made even more popular because of their Emmy-nominated reality show of the same name, makes the perfect go to place to kick back and enjoy a good meal with your family or watch the game with your friends, or shall I say “entourage”. If you’re lucky, you might just get to catch a glimpse of one of the family stopping in to grab a bite. 

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