Lemurs are a small primate found only on their native island of Madagascar. These adorable little creatures are one of the most endangered animals on Earth due to illegal deforestation. When the people behind Lemur Bags learned how lemurs are in desperate need of help and that lemurs are in grave danger of becoming extinct, they knew they wanted to help in whatever way possible…and they created Lemur Bags. Lemur Bags donate a 15% of their profits to organizations that work hard to keep lemurs alive and well.

The line of bags from Lemur Bags come in a variety of bags including drawstring bags, bucket bags, shopping totes, and duffle bags, all in adorable prints. Not only are these bags super cute, but their bags will last for years.

I love my Lemur Bag. It’s durable and it fits everything I need for a day outing, a beach day, a weekend away, or even my hospital bag when I go into labor! Their bags really go with anything. When you purchase your bag, they are always 100% transparent about where your money is going and will keep an updated list of the organizations they are working.

You can feel good about giving back while purchasing your Lemur Bag.

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