ThermaSol Steam Shower


There is nothing better than taking a relaxing, hot shower to relieve the tension of a stressful workweek. ThermaSol has elevated the typical hot shower from simple stress relief, to a full-blown spa experience.

ThermaSol has long been at the forefront of steam technology, as they were the first to create a residential steam bath in 1958. It comes at no surprise that this company would create a line of therapeutic steam showers. I had to experience this for myself and see if it lived up to all the hype.

From first glance, the ThermaSol shower looks like a typical shower. Once I turned the steam on, I breathed in deep and my entire body instantly relaxed. I could feel the pores on my face open as the steam filled the shower. I continued with my usual bathing ritual and decided to take full advantage of the steam by applying an extra layer of conditioner to my curly hair.

I knew something was different as soon as I stepped out of the shower. My skin was as smooth as a newborn baby. My face and body moisturizer seemed to go on easier as my pores locked in the moisture from the steam. Removing the towel from around my head, I noticed my hair was filled with the most defined curls. The steam had allowed the conditioner to seep deep into my hair cuticles and strands causing my hair to have a more distinct curl pattern.

What’s the secret? ThermaSol’s steam showers offer the ultimate full body cleanse. The steam opens your pores  to remove any impurities locked inside, while rejuvenating the body by improving your circulation. ThermaSol’s steam showers not only improve the look of your external appearance, but also have many therapeutic benefits for the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems in addition to providing stress relief.

ThermaSol has paired up with several Burke Williams Day Spas throughout Southern California. Now you can take your spa day to the next level by ending your day with a steam shower. Take a deep breath, relax and be prepared to turn back the clock as you restore life to your muscles, skin and hair.

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