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Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul at Terranea’s Immersive Wellness Daycation

It has been said that like oxygen, self-care is essential for the overall wellness of our minds, bodies and souls. At Terranea – a luxury resort nestled on Southern California’s Palos Verdes Peninsula – this mantra of self-care is the backbone of their Immersive Wellness Daycation. This Mediterranean-inspired hidden gem is the perfect setting for a retreat focusing on…YOU.

The Immersive Wellness: Daycation at Terranea begins at 8am with a seaside cycling class. Who needs a fancy virtual reality cycling monitor when your view is the mighty Pacific.  With clear skies you can see Catalina Island in the distance. Your lungs will thank you for breathing in the fresh ocean air.  Yeah, I can get used to this.

Next on the agenda is either the boot camp style Nature’s gym, or Seaside Yoga. I opt for yoga as it is the perfect environment to set my intentions for the day. No need to feel intimidated by this class. From the first flow to the final child’s pose, the instructor takes her time to guide you through the positions speaking in a soft and calming tone. Simply put, the yoga class is wellness perfection.

After a brief coffee break, I am ready to embark on the Being Present and Positive: An Interactive Wellness Workshop with Energy Medicine Facilitator and Meditation Instructor Angela Matthews. This session will become one of my favorite parts of the day. Angela speaks from the heart while discussing the power of focusing on the present. She challenges you to find the positive in all situations, even those that are completely out of our control. The session starts with a deep breathing exercise. From there, we connect with the other daycationers through meditation and open conversation.  We listen as Angela shares her techniques for dealing with the “ups and downs” of life. This session is the perfect lead in to our bountiful lunch and the Intentional Aromatherapy.

Wellness starts from the inside out. Fueling our bodies with nutrient-rich clean foods is the driving force behind the Spa Cafe – Solviva. Allow yourself to enjoy the flavorful dishes: pumpkin soup, chicory salad with chicken, cured egg yolk, croutons and buttermilk yogurt vinaigrette, or root vegetable ratatouille toast with almond and arugula pesto. My favorites: the Farro Bowl filled with avocado, turmeric onions, roasted veggies with cashew cream and the hummus. The word that comes to mind when I think about lunch – delicious.

As you dine and mingle with each other, the aromatherapy begins. Be prepared to answer several questions about your intentions and favorite aromas. After your profile is complete, either a personalized body scrub or body butter will be given to accompany you along this path of self-transformation.

The day is not over yet. Next up, either ocean kayaking at the Catalina underwater reserve or mandala painting with a spiritual wellness coach. I have to be honest, painting has never been my strong-suit so I sign up for kayaking. Due to a twist of fate, an injury causes me to switch my plans from kayaking to mandala painting. As we enter the painting room, the wellness coach gives us a brief history on mandalas. Derived from Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are geometric figures representing the universe. To allow our souls to connect with nature, our mandalas will not be painted on canvases, but instead rocks. After sitting, we start with a deep breathing exercise. The teacher guides us step by step through the painting activity, checking in with us periodically to remind us to go focus on our breathing. As nothing throughout the day is designed to be stressful, we are given positive feedback and helpful hints to aid us with our artwork. At the conclusion of the session, we place our hand over the mandala to capture the energy from the universe. As I look down at my painted rock, tears of joy come to my eyes. Who knew this woman who thinks she has no artistic talent, can paint something so beautiful. My surge of confidence is empowering. Maybe I do like painting after all?

Another break follows. I decide to return to my room for a little journaling. As I am so filled with gratitude, it seems the perfect time to reflect on all that I have to be grateful for. This is also the perfect opportunity to rest up before my 60 Minute Spa Treatment. That’s right, the daycation most certainly includes a visit to the Spa.

Exhale. The Spa. This is the embodiment of relaxation. From the staff to the decor, everything at the Terranea Spa focuses on tranquility. After putting on my plush hooded robe and slippers, it’s now time for my Renewed Youth Facial. It promises to nourish your skin with the use of essential oils that promote cell growth and stimulate collagen, while also deeply hydrating. The end result is a glowing complexion with a silky, smooth face. After your treatment, step out on the terrace to watch the sunset. If you want to sit and relax indoors, lounge in front of the fireplace while sipping tea.

The final part of the daycation is here. Still dressed in your spa robe, you are invited to join everyone for the closing ritual. Without spoiling the details, I will only say come in with an open mind and heart and be ready for a magical ending to this holistic day. After the ritual, a gift awaits – it’s time to unveil your personalized aromatherapy product. A smile spreads across my face as I smell my body butter and read the name – “Summoning Courage.”

The Immersive Wellness: Daycation at Terranea has come to a close. This doesn’t mean your time at Terranea needs to end. Stay for dinner at one of the resort’s restaurants. Try Bashi if you are craving Southeast Asian cuisine. My mouth is watering as I remember tasting the Brussels sprouts, tofu, wok charred shishito peppers, Korean BBQ Ribs, fried cauliflower and spicy garlic green beans. If fine dining is what you desire, indulge at Mar’Sel. Treat yourself to an elegant culinary experience complete with fresh ingredients grown locally at the nearby farm. Gaze at the ocean as you feast on Chef Andrew Vaughan’s menu, complete with: grilled Spanish Octopus, king trumpet mushrooms, sunchokes and sea salt baked jumbo carrots, potatoes and fig salad. You have been treated like royalty all day, why stop now. Order the Maine Lobster or filet mignon, you won’t be disappointed.

On your way back to your room or to your car, bask in the beauty of the resort. Take a stroll along the property and walk off the exquisite meal you have just enjoyed. Allow yourself to reflect on the events of the day. Close your eyes. Now breathe.

I leave the Immersive Wellness: Daycation at Terranea a stronger, recharged version of myself. Armed with a positive attitude and a heart filled with gratitude I can confirm self-care is essential for our overall wellness.

Terranea is holding their third Immersive Wellness Daycation on Saturday, February 23, 2019. For $450, your day will include: two fitness classes, a Wellness Workshop, a Nutrient-rich healthy lunch, an Intentional Aromatherapy session with a takeaway personalized body scrub or body butter, Ocean Kayaking or Spiritual Mandala painting, a 60 minute Spa Treatment, and the closing ritual, leaving you with a refreshed outlook on your life.

Whether you choose to recharge for the day, or decide to stay for the weekend, the Immersive Wellness: Daycation at Terranea is the perfect nourishment for your mind, body and soul.




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