Easy’s Does It

Easy’s, brought to you by celebrity restauranteur Jeremy Fall and business partner Henry Costa, has made it’s opening splash at the Beverly Center, which is in the midst of an expansive overhaul. Fall did not disappoint in his grand opening bash, bringing the fun and creativity he’s known for (think Fruity Pebbles cocktails) and infusing it with classic diner comfort food alongside a full dessert and drink menu. Designed to please all cravings and budgets, Easy’s found a gorgeous home on the 6th floor of the Beverly Center with a patio view overlooking the city, making the Beverly Center more than just a place to shop. 

Some of the most notable innovations are the Pork Belly Benedict, Fried Chicken and Funnel Cake, and Easy’s Corned Beef Hash. My personal favorite, the Kentucky Mule, is one of their “canned” cocktails and consists of a mini bottle of liquor that steeps right into your can – stylish, fun, not to mention genius. Don’t forget about the Easy’s classics like the Easy’s Burger.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the Kimchi- Five Spice Bloody Mary is not for the faint of heart, and the Cookie Dough for dessert is exactly what it sounds like – pure decadence.  As if Fall couldn’t tempt the taste buds anymore, there will be an old-school “Food Porn View-Master” at each table loaded with glorious images of menu items.  Let’s just say Easy’s is not the place for inhibitions or small appetites.

Easy’s is currently the only restaurant inside the mall and soon will be joined by another Fall restaurant, Nighthawk: AM. Other Fall locations are Venice favorite Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar and Tinfoil in Highland Park. 




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