Rinjani Restaurant

On a nondescript corner near Brand and Broadway in Glendale, Rinjani has just opened its doors. It’s the first Indonesian restaurant in the Glendale area, and it’s a fantastic foray into the culinary delights of the region. You may be surprised at the level of creativity from this unassuming little shop front.

Owner Mira came from NYC, but is originally from Indonesia. She has brought the authentic flavors to life on plates of delicious yumminess that anyone who lovely south east Asian food will love. Don’t be fooled by the simple descriptions, all the dishes pack a punch and are offered in multiple levels of spice to accommodate all palates. Just note, if you ask for something hot, it’s going to be hot, hot!

I opted for the satay since learning that Mira makes the satay peanut sauce from scratch and without the use of peanut butter – which is what most restaurants use to make their sauces sweet, it supposed to be savory folks! Highly recommended is also the Gado-Gado, a traditional salad that uses their homemade peanut sauce for dressing. The Roti Prata can’t be beat if you’re looking for some comfort food and rivals some of the top Indian spots around town too.

The Mie Goreng Fried noodles are a must for noodle lovers, but even mild, it has a combination of flavors that will spice you up! The Rendang braised short ribs take 9 hours of prep, but once you start eating, you cannot stop till it’s all gone. It’s the combination of coconut and lemongrass that make it irresistible and impossible to stop! The Fish on the menu sounds simple, but it is anything but. Served fried, it comes whole and looks like a flounder. Plenty of meat and easy to pick out the bones. It’s served with a sweet/spicy soy sauce and pickles that are so much more delicious than you’d imagine. By far the fish is the tastiest thing I’ve eaten so far in 2018. The coconut rice is a perfect compliment to any of the amazing entrees.

For desert try something different, I recommend the Es Teler, another traditional Indonesian dish. A combination of mixed fruit, coconut milk, condensed milk and shaved ice. It’s a beautiful palette cleanser after a meal full of flavor and it leaves you feeling cool and content, inside and out.

There are a ton of vegetarian and some vegan options as well. Judging by the full house on Saturday night, it seems that the locals already know about the latest hot spot in town.




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