KOPU Sparkling Water


The one thing my husband and I always have in our home is sparkling water (and probably a bottle of wine). My husband gulps down sparkling water, while I sip on it occasionally because sometimes the bitter mineral taste is a little too much.

When it came to KOPU Sparkling Water, I was the one gulping it down, along with Tyler. The water doesn’t have a bitter quality. It is super refreshing and is sourced from ancient aquifers thousands of feet below dormant volcanoes in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand’s East Coast. Along with its pure taste and naturally occurring silica content (the “beauty mineral” I experienced at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland), KOPU’s tiny bubbles deliver a velvety hydration experience.

KOPU also stands for its mission to uphold eco-friendly business practices.  Aluminum almost never finds a landfill. In fact, due to its value 75% of all aluminum ever created remains in active circulation today. The handy and resealable bottles are striking and convey an instant statement about making conscientious decisions for the health of the planet. KOPU allows you to feel good, look good, and do good.

You can purchase KOPU here.

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