Your naked eyes are not designed to stare at screens and artificial blue light. That’s where GUNNAR steps in. Gunnar is the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision.

Spending hours in front of a our computers and cell phones (guilty) can be hard on the eyes. Your eyes are muscles like any other muscle in your body and they get tired from staring at screens all day. Eye exhaustion, trouble sleeping, dry eyes and headaches are symptoms of spending too much time in front of a digital screen. An overabundance of bright artificial light can create strain on your eyes, but Gunnar custom lenses tint and filter harsh blue light and glare so your eyes can finally relax, focus longer, and work more efficiently.

Gunnar’s patented lens design limits air currents near the eyes, increasing humidity and preventing irritation, unlike many traditional prescription eyeglasses. This design enhances focus and sharpens detail to ease eyestrain and the lens coating reduces glare that eliminates visual distraction and stress. An external hard coat provides extended lens durability and resists scratches. The lens material eliminates distortion from impurities to ensure the clearest image possible. Plus, the ultra-light yet durable performance optics will not degrade over time.

So, all you fellow computer users (pretty much everybody), grab Gunnar eyewear, your eyes won’t be stressed anymore, which means you can focus on your work rather than your eye strain.

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