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Vanity Planet

PETA-Certified Vanity Planet is not your average beauty company. Vanity Planet makes no apologies for their shameless focus on looking good. They believe that when you look good, you feel good and that you shouldn’t have to spend your entire paycheck in order to get your hands on top-notch, cruelty-free body and skin care. Their full line of products includes everything you need to feel fabulous from head to toe. From top-rated face and body brushes to essential makeup tools, mouth care, and nail treatments.

We all love trying out new beauty product (and unwrapping the packaging when your product delivers)! But then sometimes products aren’t what you expected…Vanity Planet is on a mission to end frustration, banish buyer’s remorse, and create an entirely hassle-free experience. Whether you are purchasing clay masks, facial cleansing brushes, flat irons, makeup brushes, or nail care, Vanity Planet will help you through your process, so you can be as fabulous as you are.

Stay pretty and go get ‘em.




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