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Elliptifit Fitness Center


Maximum interval training, high energy, good music, low lighting and an elliptical machine? Welcome to Elliptifit (11870 Santa Monica Blvd., #207, CA 9002; 323.400.5348). Creator and instructor Annette Comerchero, wanted to create a workout that would not only burn calories, but would also strengthen muscles and the core. What set this workout apart from others was incorporating the elliptical machine. Combined with moving bars to work your upper body and the low impact intensity of the pedals, each 45minute class focuses on working the whole body and the mind. Instructors ask you to set your own personal goals and to set out to exceed them. The machines allow you to track your progress while going at your own pace. Elliptifit will not let you down. You will get out of it as much as you put in. Feel free to sing along to the fast-paced music and add your own dance moves. Watch yourself in the mirrors surrounding the room to make sure you have the correct form. Instructors encourage you to use the energy of your classmates and the low lighting to have fun and enjoy the class, while sweating the calories away.

By Ariel Johns





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