Jonathan and George Salon

It’s a new year, which means it’s a new me! What better place to make the change than at Jonathan and George Salon (9320 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills, 90210; 310.275.2808) with Melissa Stone and Evelyn Bilauca. I have had brown hair down to my stomach for about 2 years now. One could say it’s a security blanket in way, but also a badge of honor in the land of extensions.

The combo of turning 30 in October and meeting Melissa (the style guru) made me have an itch to change it up. She introduced me to Evelyn and together they are my hair dream team. Within minutes, Melissa cut off about seven inches and I felt the weight of last year fall off my shoulders (literally). I loved the sexy new layered cut along with the new center part. It gave my hair movement it has never had, without losing all my length. Needless to say, the cut alone made me feel like a new woman.

Then came the color. What I love about Evelyn besides her amazing talent, is how much love she puts into her work (and how patient she is). I think, I win for the most amount of foils on one head. While she was foiling me up, she explained to me, how she has always loved the beauty industry and how it just came naturally to her. It’s refreshing seeing someone love what they do so much (and be great at it). After walking into the salon with dark brown hair, Evelyn created a beautiful ombré that goes perfectly with my skin tone. I literally cried once Melissa stlyed me and I looked in the mirror. I highly recommend getting your new year started at Jonathan and George Salon. Bravo ladies! You rocked it!




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