Plan Check Fairfax

Love Plan Check? Well, it’s time to prepare for a bigger, bolder version that is opening Friday on Fairfax. Plan Check Fairfax (351 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036; 310.288.6500, ext 2) is about twice the size of the original Plan Check. With huge open windows that look out onto the street, concrete floors, and wood-topped communal tables, this place is sure to be a neighborhood hit.

As for food, they are serving up smoky fried chicken and their famous burgers topped with pig candy and ketchup leather (you know, your run of the mill stuff). If you want to go new new, get the salmon pastrami. Matt Biancaniello has also mixed up some new cocktails. Sip on Splendor in the Glass (Chareau Aloe Liqueur, fresh lime juice, Monins agave syrup, wild arugula, white truffle salt); The Last Tango (Ford Gin, strawberries, Gourmet Blends Balsamic, St. Germain foam); Kentucky Bubble Bath (Tempelton Rye, Cynar, lemon juice, Monins agave syrup, lavender water); Breeders Cup Titos Vodka, lime juice, Monins agave syrup, cucumber slices, beet horseradish, pinch of Applewood smoked salt); Sweet Bitter End of Tokyo (Bonito infused famous Grouse Scotch, Monins agave syrup, lemon juice, shiso leaves); The Health Kick (Aquavit, Xicaru Mezcal, Monins agave syrup, lemon juice, fresh celery juice, pinch of salt); Cascading Hophead (Hop Head Vodka, lemon, Monins agave syrup, grapefruit, Yellow Chatreause, Sculpin IPA, sprig of rosemary); and Ice Breaker (Japanese Whisky, Batavia Arrak, lime juice, Monins agave syrup, passionfruit, ghost pepper salt, aloe vera chunks, El Jimador). Just to name a few…




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