Downtown Art Walk with Krampus LA

Lots of people don’t know about Santa’s evil counterpart, Krampus, the Christmas demon. Being naughty or nice determined which one you’d get a visit from around Christmas. For whatever reason, (probably because he was so terrifying) Krampus has always been a part of hidden history. This year, thanks to a group dedicated to keeping the memory of creepy ol’ Krampus alive, you can check out Krampus during the Downtown Art Walk on December 12. The Krampus Run is the brainchild of Al Guerrero and Al Ridenour. Free; Thursday, Artwalk 7-10 pm
Krampus appearance 8 pm-9 pm (approximately); 634 S. Spring and heads to The Hive Gallery (729 S Spring St)  and back; more info: Email




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