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Featured Bloggers: Koya Webb

hoopLA is proud to announce a new section with featured bloggers! First up is Koya Webb, who is a holistic health and wellness expert, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model helping revolutionize vegan cuisine, yoga and holistic living.

Top 10 Changes Busy/Working People Should Make for Healthy living
By Koya Webb

We have to face it: to live a healthy lifestyle we have to make healthy choices DAILY instead of just a couple of times a week. When health becomes a habit we can truly reap all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Here is a couple to sneak it in on a regular basis:

1. Exercise regularly (in the morning if possible)
To maintain a healthy body you need to exercise. What type of exercise you do is up to you but it must become a part of your regular daily routine. The goal is to get 10-30 minutes in whenever you can but if you can knock it out in the morning you’re less likely to put it off and you’ll burn more calories and feel better for the rest of the day.

2. Eat small meals every 2-4 hours
Eating small meals throughout the day takes the edge off your appetite, evens out blood sugar levels, and keeps your energy steady. Think at least Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks.

3. Drink 8 oz of water every 2-4 hours
Drinking water frequently gives you energy, keeps you hydrated, aids in proper digestion, and nourishes our skin. So when you feel the midday slump grab a glass of water first.

4. Take a 5 minute break every 2 hours
Especially if you work at a desk or if you’re not moving around during you workday much you should go outside and soak up some sun or at least walk around to prevent stiffness and eyestrain.

5. Have lunch away from your workspace
Changing the scenery at lunch or during a quick break will help you feel more refreshed when you return to your desk. If you can’t go outside or leave your workplace, try going to another department.

6. Practice yoga or stretching once a day.
Yoga boosts oxygen levels to the brain, which will help your concentration and mood as well as reduce stress. Research also shows a boost in the hormone Oxytocin could make you feel more relaxed and connected to others.

7. Ditch coffee and energy drinks for green tea, nutritious smoothies and fresh juices.
I always get thrown under the bus for this one because so many people consume coffee and energy drinks on a regular basis but I’m standing strong. Yes, caffeine has benefits but you can get them from green tea and chocolate. YES! A piece of dark chocolate is healthier than coffee with whip cream and artificial sweetener. And the benefits found in the coffee bean can also be achieved with a nutritious smoothie or fresh juice. If you can’t ditch it completely, don’t consume more than 2 cups per day, try decaf, and don’t overload it with creams, sauces, and other artificial additives.

8. Keep 3 different types of fruit in your workspace, car, and home at all times.
When you get the munchies it’s often too late. You’ll reach for anything that will satisfy your hunger or craving. The key is to have healthy options on hand at ALL times. This will help you make good decisions when crunch time comes.

9. Sleep at least 6-8 hours.
Lack of sleep can lead to depressed moods, fatigue, thought impairments, and the inability to manage activities of daily living. When you happen to miss sleep try to make up for it with a massage, meditation, or a quick power nap to allow your body that much needed time to recover from a hard days work

10. Laugh at least once a day
Laughing activates and then relieves your stress response, producing an overall feeling of calm. So when things get stressful at work remember to laugh and enjoy knowing you’re improving blood flow, circulation, and giving yourself a better chance of preventing stress related illnesses. Yes! Laughter is GOOD medicine.




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