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HEX™ not only protects your gadgets, but they keep you in style too. Founded by musicians Trent Valladares and Dan Maravilla, who have a strong background in the apparel industry, HEX™ was designed to fill a void in the accessory department, with products created equal parts fashion and tech-readiness.

In today’s lifestyle, everyone has at least two techy devices, from smart phones to tablets, laptops and more. HEX™ has stylish accessories for you to carry everything and also protect them. I love how they have pockets built into my bag so that everything is organized an ready. From iPhone cases with a built in wallet, to backpacks, totes, and duffels, these water resistant gadget carriers are not only functional but stylish as well.

Whether you are catching a flight, headed to the boardroom, or have a hectic lifestyle like yours truely, HEX™ will get you and your devices there in fashion with premium materials, textures and finishings. The HEX™ world is a world where fashion, technology, music, art, and sport all intersect. A world where your gadgets are safe…and so is your style.




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