No Vacancy


Bare with me here. No Vacancy (1727 N Hudson Ave., Los Angeles, 90028; 323.465.1902) is a bar but it’s themed like a hotel. It’s from the Pour Vouse, Harvard & Stone, and La Descarga guys and it’s opening Tuesday in Hollywood. Housed in a 19th-century, Victorian house, that is made to look like a 100 year old hotel, you’ll find a club with a parlor decorated with Oriental rugs and a fireplace. There’s also a lamp lit courtyard with weekend entertainment like Jazz bands, sideshow acts, burlesque dancers, and circus acts. There’s also a tufted-leather photo booth under the staircase and an upstairs bar has it’s own secret entrance, which is mainly for private events.

As for the bar, it’s handled by a dozen bar guys and girls and they are each responsible for one drink on the menu, which rotates seasonally. After a year, the next heard of mixologist will come in and bring their cocktails in tow. As for now, order up specialty cocktails like the China Doll with gin, jasmine water and coconut jasmine cream.

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