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Shape House

I am not a huge fan of massages. Yes, believe it. So, I have searched and searched to find a spa/atmosphere for relaxing from my busy schedule. When I can across Shape House, I knew it was for me.

Shape House specializes in sweating. You enter a relaxing, welcoming environment dressed in sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt (they can provide them). Then, you head to the dark room in the back and hop up on your own private bed that is made of an infrared sleeping bag, your own HDTV, head phones, and alkaline water. The sleeping bags are all lined, so it’s sanitary.

Then, you sweat. The first 20 minutes are warm and you feel like you may fall asleep. Then you start to sweat profusely and by the last minutes of the 55 minute session you are ready to come out. Make your way to the relaxation room where you relax your tingling body with more water, orange slices and tea. Take your time, you can sit here as long as you like.

They offer a bunch of different packages, all get rid of toxins and boost metabolism. Plus, I do the monthly and it’s shareable, so if I can’t make it, maybe a friend wants to! Anyway you go, it’s the most relaxing thing around town.




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