Spiked Ice Cream


Back when I lived in Boston, I worked at Ben & Jerry’s through out college. There wasn’t a weekend I didn’t bring home their sorbet and blend it up with some rum or vodka with the roomies. Here in Los Angeles, grab some treats like I use to make. The cold buzz will surely ward off the heat.

It’s Cool to Be Bitter at LA Creamery
Imagine a fruity, peppery and slightly bitter Chimay Beer ice cream. Oh yeh. They also have Dom Perignon sorbet, scoops of moonshine and caramel corn, and ice cream sandwich infused with Jack Daniel’s, inbetween two chocolate chip cookies. Available at most Umami Burgers, Farmshop, 800 Degrees, The Oaks Gourmet; 818.701.7090

Cold Shoulder at Coolhaus
Ice cream sandwiches more your thing? Try this scorpion mezcal banana honey sandwich from the original SoCal ice cream truck. Chocolate Cointreau or whiskey & Lucky Charms can cool you down too. 8588 Washington Blvd., Culver City; 310.424.5559

Silverlake Shivers at Pazzo Gelato
Get your mouth around the Mad Jack (vanilla infused with Jack Daniel’s), a martini scoop (infused with Grey Goose Vodka) or the buttermilk (available with ginger snaps topping or ginger Drambuie sauce). 3827 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake; 323.662.1410

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