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M Café’s new Spring Menu

Los Angeles’s macrobiotic eatery, M Café, cleanses away the winter blues with the launch of a new seasonal spring menu developed by Consulting Chef Lee Gross, one of the pioneers in contemporary macrobiotic cuisine. M Café emphasis eating whole, natural foods without the use of refined sugars, dairy, eggs, meat or poultry. Designed to promote cleansing and detoxification, M Café’s new spring menu emphasizes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Its a refreshing menu that will leave you satisfied and energized, rather than ready for a nap like most meals do.

Menu items include:

Barley & Green Garbanzo Salad (A light and hearty, salad with Black Barley, for its cooling, and detoxing properties, Asparagus, Garbanzo Beans, Carrots, and Tofu Chèvre with Lemon-Tarragon Vinaigrette).

Kale & Shiitake Ohitashi (Incorporating Kale, Shiitake Mushrooms, known to relax and rid the body of fat deposits, Daikon, and a seasoned Inari Tofu Pouch with Ponzu Sauce, Ohitashi means “to steep vegetables in a dashi base sauce” by infusing ingredients with umami and subtle flavor while upholding the food’s natural taste).

Raw Almond Sushi “Rice” My personal favorite! (A healthier alternative to rice, blanched raw almonds mixed with Celery, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Olive Oil, and Lemon Juice, all rolled in a sheet of Nori).

Classic spring favorites at M Café include: Chickpea & Dandelion Salad, Sprouted Quinoa Tabbouleh and New Mexican Black Bean Salad.

Spring menu items start at $4.50

M Café is a perfect neighborhood, European style place to catch up with friends in a friendly atmosphere while eating healthy foods that are great for you! M Café will also offer a 3-day D.I.Y. juice cleanse program based on their seasonal juices with recipes, tips and a daily suggested calendar of juices for you to follow at home.

M Café Beverly Hills (9433 Brighton Way), M Café Melrose (7119 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, 90046; 323.525.0588)




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