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The Harlot

Want to talk about a hidden gem? This salon takes the cake. Here in LA, it’s tough to find a salon that isn’t intimidating or uppity. The Harlot (1641 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Los Angeles, 90291; 310.399.6525) is hidden in an alley way just off Abbot Kinney. Outside you will find a cozy patio where you could easily spend the entire afternoon. This salon is perfect for men and women with its burlesque, French boudoir feel. Ladies, you will love the girly-style and pinup girls and guys, you’ll love the pin ups too (just make sure to check out the bathroom…and ladies you’ll dig it too).

Besides the obvious sexy style, these guys know their stuff. I walked in with pretty simple locks and left with a richer, deeper color and tweaks to my hair that made me ready for a pantene commercial. Since I have left (even a week after I sat in Oliver’s and Marylle’s chairs) all I hear is how shiny my hair is. Sit down in one of their chairs. They know their craft and the whole experience is as much fun as hanging out with all your friends. I highly recommend snagging a spot for your NYE bash or heading over there for your 2012 look. You’ll have a great time and look great too.




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