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How To Upgrade Your Cat’s Drinking Experience With a Water Fountain


You can upgrade your cat’s hydration experience by going beyond a simple bowl of water and using a water fountain that provides not only a source of hydration but also stimulation and health benefits for your cat.

#1 Water Fountains Blessings

No wonder, cats could be difficult when it comes to drinking water as often as they should, which easily makes the owners worried. However, the cat water fountain can help you to do so. Your fur baby requires proper hydration in order to function their kidneys and to not attract any other diseases, especially related to urine.

Cat water fountains also work as a blessing because they can easily stimulate your cat and attract them to drink more water. Sometimes cats might get bored in the house and a water fountain works the best to entertain them all the time as some of them come with lightning and sound.

#2 Types of Water Fountains You Can Get

Gravity Fountains: These fountains rely on gravity to dispense water into a bowl. While simple in design, they may not provide the same level of freshness and stimulation as other types.

Electric Fountains: Powered by a pump, electric fountains continuously circulate water, keeping it oxygenated and fresh. They often feature adjustable flow settings and filters to remove impurities.

Ceramic Fountains: These fountains are best as they are absolutely durable and have an aesthetic appeal. Ceramic cat water fountains make the entire process easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it for a longer period.

An image of a cat drinking from a cat water fountain.
Go beyond a simple bowl of water and use a cat water fountain that provides not only a source of hydration but also stimulation and health benefits for your cat.

#3 Choosing the Correct Fountain

Prefer the size that is actually required: One should always buy the size of the fountain that is actually required rather than purchasing the one that is available at a discount. Most cat owners make the mistake of getting the cheapest one rather than buying the correct size.

You will be surprised that sometimes a smaller one is much better than the bigger one. For example, you have a little kitten. You buy the bigger water fountain not realizing it will give him/her trouble in drinking water. You need to make it easier for your cat rather than purchasing the one that works for other cats.

Do not overlook when it comes to material: Sometimes size and price become the main attraction for pet owners to get a water fountain but they tend to forget about checking on the material. Uahpet cat water fountain comes with some of the best choices.

Some water fountains are not made for pets which can cause vomiting or even choking for them. Always look for water fountains that are made of material such as stainless steel so that it becomes easier to clean and no bacteria gets collected.

Track the noise level of the device: Some cats may be sensitive to the sound of running water, hence, it is necessary to choose a fountain that comes with adjustable settings of the flow or maybe a pump that doesn’t make much noise.

#4 How To Introduce Cat for the first time to Water Fountain

Introduce the fountain to your cat slowly, allowing them to approach and explore it at their own pace. Place treats near the fountain to create positive associations. You can be gentle as you encourage your cat to drink from the fountain by placing their favorite toys or treats near it.

This will help to bring more confidence and comfort in them to be around the water as it would be something new to them. Although cats are naturally inclined towards running water,  they have never been around running water in real life as they were born in a house and not in the wild.

You might notice that your cat is taking some time to adjust to the new water fountain. As a pet “no-no” you need to be patient and consistently try to encourage your cat rather than forcing them to drink. Remember, cats don’t do anything when it is forced on them.

An image of an orange cat drinking from a cat water fountain.
Try to encourage your fur baby rather than forcing them to drink from their new cat water fountain. Remember, cats don’t do anything when it is forced on them.

#5 Common Concerns Among Pet Owners

Some cats may play or paw at the water, causing splashing and a mess. Always select a fountain with a splash guard or consider placing a mat underneath to contain any spills.

An electric fountain depends on an electricity supply to operate, so it’s important to have a backup plan in case of power outages. Keep a manual water bowl available as a temporary solution during emergencies.

If you have multiple cats or other pets, consider their dynamics and preferences when choosing a fountain. Opt for a larger fountain with multiple drinking areas to accommodate all your pets’ needs.


In conclusion, if you are someone who would love to encourage your cats to drink water from a fountain then you should consider the above-mentioned points in your routine. However, if you find the process difficult at the initial stage, keep an extra bowl of water that can come in hand during the training period, or during an emergency.




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