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Operation True Love: It’s Cuffing Season, Find Your Perfect Match

It’s cuffing season and being in the middle of sweater weather makes you assess how badly you want to make your party of one, a couple. But let me guess, you took the viral smile dating test, and joined dating apps, but haven’t met the right person. Well according to dating experts, if your profile is not enticing, your true love will not swipe right. But don’t fret, I’m here to give you the tools to upgrade your profile to help you find your perfect match. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Operation True Love – a mission to snag your happily ever after.

You took the viral smile dating test and are ready to find your perfect match. Let’s launch Operation True Love.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Profile Pictures

Listen up, singles! Your profile picture is your digital first impression. In fact, it may be the only impression you get as many people bypass all the words and swipe based only by looking at your pictures. This is your big moment. No more hiding behind sunglasses or floppy hats. Stop posting group shots where we need to be a detective to find you, and please do not post an AI-generated fantasy version of yourself, or a photo of your pet as your picture.

Here’s the real tea:
  • Clear, well-lit photos: Let your natural beauty shine through. Ditch the blurry club pics and embrace natural light.
  • Solo shots: We want to see YOU, not your entire crew who may look better than you and will make YOU get lost in the shuffle.
  • Mix it up: Full-body shots and close-ups are key. Show off your best ASSets and personality – while still leaving SOMETHING to the imagination.
  • Accurate representation: No catfishing! Be HONEST about your CURRENT appearance.
  • Ditch the awkward angles: Pull the camera back and away from your face. We don’t need to see up your nostrils. We also don’t want the angle coming from Google Earth to make you look taller or slimmer.
  • Avoid Tacky backgrounds: No one wants to see your toilet or dirty room in the background. It looks gross.
  • Skip the AI-generated dreamscapes and pet profile pix: No one wants to date your AI image or your pet so please STOP using them as your picture.
An image of three men with mountains in the background.
Remember we want to see YOU, not your entire crew, just YOU.

Remember, authenticity is attractive!

Step 2: Craft a Profile that Makes You Swoon (and Swipe Right!)

Your bio is your chance to showcase your personality and interests. Ditch the generic “looking for someone fun” and tell your unique story. And please please remember to BE POSITIVE. According to Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert at, “One of the biggest red flags for a dating profile is negativity.”

  • Witty headlines: Grab attention with a funny or thought-provoking opener.
  • Engaging bio: Share your passions, hobbies, and what makes you tick.
  • Conversation starters: Ask questions to spark meaningful interactions.
  • Be positive: No one wants a Negative Nancy. Think warm and friendly, but you can still have an edge.
  • Proofread like a pro: Typos are a major turn-off.
An image of a women at a laptop creating her dating profile. It's cuffing season after all.
I know it’s cuffing season, but to find your true love, you need to remember to make your profile stand out.

Create the perfect profile with the help of ChatGPT or Google Bard. They’re FREE and can create the perfect profile in a handful of minutes.

Step 3: Your Profile is Done, Now What?: Swipe Smart, Don’t Swipe Fast

Quality over quantity! Take your time reviewing profiles and look for genuine connections.

Operation True Love Checklist:
  • Shared interests: Do you have things to talk about beyond the weather?
  • More than Attraction: Looks fade. Is this mere attraction, or is there more?
  • Similar values: Are you on the same page about important things?
  • Positive vibes: Do they radiate kindness and respect? Here’s that positivity thing again…

Step 4: This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Don’t get discouraged if you have a few bad dates (even a string of them!). Remember, as the saying goes, you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (or princess!). Treat each date as a learning experience, brush yourself off, and keep putting yourself out there.

Bottom Line: The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do pick good profile pictures
  • Do look for genuine connections
  • Do remember this is a marathon and not a sprint
  • Don’t rely on viral trends like the smile dating test to define your “dating style,” and to find your match. The actual act of dating will help you get to know more about yourself, and the kind of person that you want to be with.
  • Don’t create a dating profile with bad pictures, or one that doesn’t describe YOU.
  • Don’t swipe right solely on looks. Trust me, they WILL fade.

Yes, I know it’s cuffing season, but that’s a temporary trend, and true love can last a lifetime. So go forth and conquer! Put down the catfishing filters, embrace your authentic self, and swipe with intention. Operation True Love is a go!

An image of two hands making a heart. It's cuffing season after all and you need more than the smile dating test.
Yes, I know it’s cuffing season, but that’s a temporary trend, and true love can last a lifetime.




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