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Color Fields LA, an Immersive Escape into Color

Artist and Gehry Partners architect Brian Zamora, and Blush Studios invite you to escape into color with Color Fields LA. An art exhibit unlike any you’ve seen, “Color Fields LA is an immersive 10,000 sq. ft. exhibition of analogue color theory exploration through light, shape, form, movement, technology, and self.” With five unique art installations designed to stimulate your senses, this one-of-a-kind show will, “Leave you with a new appreciation for colors and a deeper understanding of what their combinations can do.” 

Zamora named his piece Color Fields LA as an homage to the sub-painting style made famous in the 1940s by Mark Rothko, and as an ode to his love of photography, in particular landscapes. The different rooms or fields as Zamora refers to them, each explore a different aspect of color, and spark a different sense and feeling for each viewer.

The exhibit is brilliantly crafted in that you have no idea what you are getting into. Each of the five rooms draws upon Zamora’s architectural background and meticulously bridges design art and architecture while combining illumination, shadows, and ephemera. Get acquainted with your shadow in the Glow Field. Prepare to step out of this world as you enter the Mobile and Laser Fields. Meet your former self in the Hollywood-inspired Me Field. And at the center of the exhibit sits the heart of the piece, the majestic Color Wheel. Here you will get lost in the space and become completely immersed in color. As you move through the fields, you are taken on your own journey through the human experience. Unlike other exhibits that may be heavy or stuffy, and tell you how you are supposed to feel, Color Fields LA allows you to get in touch with your own feelings and gives you the freedom to feel how you want.

This is not your typical art show, and Blush Studios is not your typical art gallery. The 10,000 sq. foot space is the ideal venue for photo shoots, private parties, and events. Blush Studios has given Zamora the perfect space to house his self-proclaimed, “Visual color symphony.” This masterpiece is accessible to everyone of every demographic, and appeals to those who may not necessarily go to an art gallery on their own. This is your experience, and you are encouraged to take advantage of the vast art space, as you slow down, explore, and find out what Color Fields LA means to you.

Ever-evolving, this exhibit is very much alive. Much like us, it’s always growing and maturing, and what you see now, will have vastly different elements by the next time you come. According to Zamora, “It will never be finished. It’s about everything and showing everything.” A unique hybrid of sculpture, light, color, technology, and movement, Color Fields LA is more than your average art show. It’s an experience.

Explore Color Fields LA through August 31st. $25 – $35; Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; Blush Studios – 147 North Mission Rd. (Street Parking on N. Mission Rd and around the corner by the train tracks on N. Myers St.), Los Angeles, CA 90033; 323.685.8550




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