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Soba to the Rescue

As Los Angeles endures another month of “Stay at Home”, thankfully Kazan in Beverly Hills has kept its doors open for take out, providing much needed relief for our appetites and sanity.  After the huge success of his first restaurant Tatsu Ramen, head Chef Ryu Isobe looks to bring Soba noodles to the forefront of LA’s noodle scene, now overpopulated with ramen joints. Kazan, which means “volcanic” in Japanese, symbolizes how he envisions Soba will takeover its competition making way for the new – while still matching the signature flair he brings to his dishes. 

Far from the traditional Soba which dates back 1300 years, Ryu’s noodles are the results of endless experimentation with different flours and mixtures and come in three varieties- very skinny, mixed medium, and very thick, each perfectly suited to its broth. His noodles are hand cut fresh daily using a cutting edge noodle machine (get it?), ensuring a tasty dining experience that’s truly one of a kind, whether you’re at home or not.  With 8 different types of bowls to choose from, ranging from more traditional with Chashu pork to a vegan umami creation to the spicy “Lamb in Lava”, Kazan’s soups will light up your taste buds with its distinctive and imaginative flavors and make your forget the R-word. 

Along with their must-have appetizers such as the Shishito peppers (my favorite), and dishes like the Lamb Chops from New Zealand and the A-5 Wagyu Rib Eye, you’ll be itching to come back and try something new.  Be sure to get a seat when restaurants reopen for the full experience; Kazan has close ties to the Matsuhisas of Nobu fame, and is the only restaurant outside of Nobu that serves its selection of wines, along with beer and sake. Available on Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Try $25; Monday – Sunday, 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm; 111 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211; 424.512.9101




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