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IRON & INK is Ready to Rock Melrose

After leaving its mark as one of the leading tattoo shops in Denmark, IRON & INK founders decided to bring their popular parlor to the U.S. Known for giving customers a unique, one of a kind experience, IRON & INK recently opened their flagship U.S. location on Melrose. Founder Hawaro Juul Petersen believes “Customers need to be in focus and have top-notch experiences. This is the first amendment of the concept that we have successfully implemented in Denmark and which we will take with us to California. We believe that Los Angeles, one of the most powerful cities in the world, deserves the world’s best tattoo experience, and we are confident, that we can offer that.”

Located on Melrose, the IRON & INK tattoo shop has a hip, upbeat, energetic vibe. The room is brightly lit with tattoo chairs lining the walls. Each artist has been handpicked by their impressive resume and portfolio. Past clients include Chris Brown, Drake, Odell Beckham and Messi. As no two tattoo artists are the same, they complement each other offering Angelinos a wide variety of tattoo styles. From the person who is all tatted up and knows exactly what they want, to the newbie with no ink, each artist spends time speaking with their client to perfectly bring their vision to life.

At the launch party, I had a chance to watch several people , including my friend get a tattoo. As the crowd swayed to the DJ’s tracks, and the mixologists poured drinks, the tattoo artists were bopping their heads along to the beat while working their magic. I witnessed, a newbie get over her jitters as she got a heart inked on her hand. I watched Beyoncé’s dance captain Ashley Everett run to the mirror to see the Morse Code she just had imprinted on her hip. A woman with a few tatts got a small yet detailed branch behind her ear, former Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt added another tattoo to his arm and my friend worked with her artist to bring a beautiful, whimsical flower and vine to life.

Melrose has once again reached global status with its newest tenant IRON & INK. This Danish Tattoo shop offers a unique experience, as their talented artists bring Nordic cool to Los Angeles.

7365 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046; 323.919.7319 or




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