Singani 63

Academy Award winning Director Steven Soderbergh has wowed critics again – this time with  his unique liquor, Singani 63. Combing spicy, smooth and floral hints, this “exclusive one of a kind spirit’  is so stand out it deserves a category all its own. Similar to a brandy, this clear liquor is the perfect drink to sip on the rocks, or use as the base for a fragrant Fall cocktail.

Soderbergh first came in contact with Singani 63 in 2007 while at a startup party  for his film Che in Bolivia. As Bolivia’s national drink, it was served throughout his visit to the county. He “completely flipped out over it”  and fell in love with this eau-de vie. He vows to “import Singani to the U.S., tomorrow if not sooner.” It may have not been an overnight deal, but Soderbergh did what he promised and in 2014, Singani 63 became available in the United States.

Soderbergh prefers his on the rocks, while others may enjoy a Singani cocktail. As it is highly mixable, use it in an Old Fashioned, martini, margarita, daiquiri, sour or mojito. Singani can also be used in Moscow Mules, Pina Coladas, Dark and Stormies, Bloody Marys and Sangria.

As the popularity of this swanky liquor rises, more and more establishments all over are incorporating Singani drinks in their menu.  Ever Bar at The Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood, has come up with their own line of signature Singani Cocktails. In honor of last month’s Emmy winners, the bar introduced Angelinos to the Barry – a Singani and Vodka cocktail named after the award winning HBO show. The bar also offers a delicious sour drink- the Singani Sour.

Whatever flavor your taste buds are craving, Singani 63 is the perfect spirit to please your palette. The unique standout liquor is like none other and deserves a category all its own. To join the crusaders  fighting to make Singani its own category, “Stand on the Singani Side of History” and add your name to this list.




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