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Sandbox VR – In Here, It’s Possible

Get ready to leave your normal life and enter a world where you become the heroic character you’ve always wanted to be. Get ready to scream your head off, while also laughing hysterically  as you and your friends embark on a thrilling adventure.

Get ready for the ultimate, uncompromising immersion experience. Get ready for Sandbox VR – In Here, It’s Possible.

Virtual Reality is a simulated experience powered by computer technology and hardware. By placing the hardware over your eyes, the software allows you to enter an artificial world where fiction becomes reality.

Sandbox VR “combines motion capture with the latest in VR hardware to create the best VR experience on the planet.” All simulations are made in house by expert programmers who use the best technology to bring their fictitious world to life. First, choose your adventure from the 3 options: Fight aliens in the near future in Amber Sky 2088, Battle Pirates on the High Seas in the Curse of Davy Jones or kill the undead in Deadwood Mansion. As Halloween is approaching, we chose to slaughter zombies in Deadwood Mansion.

Groups as small as two and as large as 6 enter the room where they undergo a brief training and set up. Once everyone is suited and ready to go, the experience begins. All I can say is I was blown by how real the “world” was. The graphics were so life-like  that you couldn’t help but scream as hoards of the “undead zombie residents of Deadwood Mansion reach out and touch you.” Without saying too much, the six of us had a blast shooting the walking dead and trying to stay alive. 

It’s now time for your experience to come to an end, and for you to return to the real world. Hang tight for a few moments as you will be debriefed and have the opportunity to review video highlights of your experience. Unlike other VR companies that give you a candid photo, Sandbox VR sends you home with two high quality videos. Get ready to laugh out loud as you watch and listen to yourselves fighting in your virtual world.

Sandbox VR programmers are constantly working on new material and striving to give you an elite Virtual Reality experience. They are excited to announce that two new simulations are on their way! Soon you will be able to ‘Boldly Go Where No Man has gone before’ in  Star Trek: Discovery and gear up for a sparring match in a one on one fighting ring in UFL (Unbound Fighting League). We may live in a world where aliens haven’t invaded, zombies aren’t chasing you, and you’re not a pirate on the hunt for buried treasure, but, at Sandbox, In Here, It’s Possible.

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$32 – $38; 6316 Topanga Canyon Blvd, #1120, Los Angeles, CA 91367




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