Turn Over a New Leaf at Sweet Flower

Los Angeles is no stranger to cannabis dispensaries. With studies proving cannabis relieves pain and seizures, along with aiding stress and anxiety, more and more people are turning to it for medical relief and recreation. Dispensaries are popping up almost daily all over the city. But how do you choose the perfect spot – one that not only has the highest quality product, but also caters to your needs AND makes your shopping experience unforgettable? Welcome to Sweet Flower – a cannabis lifestyle brand committed to modernizing the cannabis customer experience.

How is Sweet Flower different from other dispensaries? Upon opening the front door, you step into a spacious open room filled with bright display cases. Unlike other dispensaries that greet you with a cold, sterile welcome, Sweet Flower’s ambiance is both warm and inviting. The staff known as Sweet Florists are well versed in all strains of cannabis and the products.  They carefully listen to your questions and concerns before offering their expertise. Their goal is to make everyone who walks in feel comfortable, from the flower fluent shopper to the cannabis curious customer.  At Sweet Flower, the focus is on the elevated experience, not the sale. You feel the genuine joy the Sweet Florists get in helping you find the perfect item/items for your needs.

With their two locations in West Hollywood and Studio City, Sweet Flower is quickly making a name for itself as the premier go to cannabis spot. Stocked with premium products ranging from buds and pre-rolls to CBD oils/creams, cannabis infused beverages and edibles, and pre-filled vaporizer pens, Sweet Flower has a wide array of inventory. Each of the products is cultivated by well-respected expert growers and is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Sweet Flower is not your average dispensary. The owners invite you  to turn over a new leaf and forget  your old cannabis buying experiences. They welcome you to step into a comfortable and welcoming environment, purchase hand-picked items, and leave a more confident shopper. 

8163 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, California 90046

11705 Ventura Blvd.  Studio City, CA




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