A unique and exquisite piece of creative art has the capability to set the mood in a room, and usually becomes an important conversation piece of fine art amongst guests and visitors. Whether it is an eye-catching modern design, a delicate landscape painting, or a three-dimensional sculpture, a significant piece of art creates a beautiful addition to every interior.

And where can you get such inspirations? There is no better thing to do than visiting an art gallery. There are a lot of beautiful art galleries in the world, but we will focus on five local art galleries from Florida. These local art galleries will truly inspire you on your home remodeling project.

So, if you are in Florida or planning to visit the place soon, don’t miss the chance to go to their art galleries. You may look through these exhibits to boost your creativity or choose a piece of art to display in your home. Here’s a quick rundown on the five local art galleries in Florida.

Las Olas Fine Arts

Las Olas Fine Arts, established in 1993, is one of the most renowned and respected global modern art galleries in Florida. Their philosophy is based on a passion for collaborating with art lovers, sculptors, designers, painters, and collectors.

Las Olas Fine Arts display the works of renowned artists directly alongside that of new talents, which provides a refreshing and dynamic perspective. This art gallery is undoubtedly worth seeing. It features artists whose artworks are strongly individual.

The Las Olas is truly a venue for art collectors and artists to show off their individual works. Sculptures and paintings displayed here offer unique and distinct perspectives that are worth discovering.

Addison Gallery

Addison gallery is a top-tier and leading destination in the region with an enthralling and captivating selection of contemporary and abstract works by emerging new talents and renowned artists. Their wide-open and simple space hold a variety of beautiful fine art pieces that are uplifting, passionate, and innovative.

This art gallery specializes in displaying and showing off small-scale to large-scale works in hotels, corporate offices, and private residences, and will even give in-house professional installation and consultations if necessary.

Furthermore, they choose sculptures and paintings for interior designers and homeowners and organize a collection of artworks designed to suit particular commercial and residential spaces. Helping homeowners and interior designers to create a personal art gallery that inspires and delights them, that promotes conversation and thought, and that allows people to feel at ease and make them feel like they are home.

Addison Gallery displays artworks that are uplifting, passionate, and innovative, and offers art collectors a broad selection of work by artists who register high standards of integrity and quality within their field.

MAC Fine Art

The MAC Fine Art gallery displays works from renowned names in the much-desired art world, showcasing the largest and biggest exhibition space in Florida. The macfine art gallery also boasts a custom design frame shop where guests can purchase their desired frames for the piece of art bought, a state of the art Giclee painting facility, and a digital photography studio.

This art gallery represents a lot of the world’s most renowned publishers and artists the top-tier prints from some of the world’s major names in arts. They also offer artworks to private art collectors, architects and consultants, designers, art dealers, and homeowners.

Carré d’artistes Art Gallery

There’s no better place for a top-tier art gallery than the high-end Miznek Park, a location in the center of Boca Raton showcasing some of the outstanding and admirable retailers. With venues all over the world, including Istanbul, Milan, Barcelona, and Paris, Carré d’artistes Art Gallery is an international art gallery attempting to make art available to all. Moreover, this art gallery features and showcases exhibition of at least six hundred original works of modern art from twelve talented artists from across the globe.

So, whatever your experience with fine art, you can, for the most part, deal with some of the best works of art from all over the world.

Artblend Art Gallery

The Artblend art gallery is a full-service gallery located in Fort Lauderdale offering a beautiful space and different services inclined toward interior designers, consultants, collectors, artists, and other renowned patrons across the glove.

This gallery proudly showcases emerging, rising, and established artists, displaying a variety of mediums, styles, and subjects. And that includes sculptures, mixed-media, digital, photography, and paintings.


From tapestries to fine art, the different art galleries in Florida showcase artworks from emerging new artists and renowned artists from across the globe. So, if you plan to visit Florida, be sure to visit at least one art gallery. Perhaps the galleries above may entice you and inspire you on your next home remodeling project.

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